November 2022

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Rose Absolute Blend

Rose Absolute Blend

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Common Name

Rose Absolute Blend in Certified Organic Golden Jojoba Oil


Simmondsia Chinensis, Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract


Use in skincare products to help combat dry and sensitive skin. Rose Absolute is also said to help against wrinkles. Use also to fragrance soap, toiletries and in perfumes. We have chosen Jojoba Oil for our dilutions as being a liquid wax, will not go rancid like other oils, and will extend the shelf-life of the dilution. Jojoba Oils chemical structure resembles sebum and the oil is rich in Vitamin E, protein and minerals. Jojoba Oil is the perfect carrier for Precious Oils and Absolutes.Refer to the enclosed documentation to determine maximum concentrations of application.

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