October 2022

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Pumice Powder Fine

Pumice Powder Fine

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Common Name

Pumice Powder Fine




Italy / U.S.A.


Very Fine-grained light Grey coloured pumice powder. Pumice is a very porous and light and can float on water for some time. Ever wondered what the 'stone' referred to in Stone Washed Jeans is.....yep, its Pumice Stone. Pumice is sustainable, cost-effective and very much eco-friendly because unlike other biodegradable botanical exfoliants, pumice does not add a carbon source to the environment, with the potential to unbalance the ecosystem that it is eventually washed into.

Suggestions for Use

Excellent for use in soaps and quality cosmetic products. Can be used as an ultra-mild abrasive which gently remove rough and dead skin leaving a smooth finish with a satin feel to glowing skin. Our Pumice Powder can be used in Melt and Pour Soaps, Cold Process Soaps, Exfoliating Base products, Facial scrub products, and Face masks.

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