November 2022

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Myrrh Gum Hydrolat Organic

Myrrh Gum Hydrolat Organic

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Common Name

Myrrh Gum Hydrolat


Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Distillate Water


Steam-distillation by-product of the select fragrant resin of Somali Myrrh. This Hydrolat is the genuine hydrolat/hydrosol remaining after the Myrrh Essential Oil has been separated.


Puntland (Northern Somalia) distilled in the UK.


The odour of Myrrh Hydrolat will vary significantly, depending on the quality of the Gum that was distilled. Usually, Myrrh Hydrolat will have a subtle sweet woody smell, which is perfect for Masculine type Spritzer sprays.


Pure Myrrh Gum Hydrolat can be used neat as a spritzer or blended with Rose Otto Hydrolat or Camomile Roman Hydrolat to create a natural Toner and cleanser. Our Myrrh Gum Hydrolat is our go-to Hydrolat for soothing problem skin, especially dry and itchy skin, and be blended with our Rhassoul Clay to make cleansing and energising Face Mask.

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